Make your customer experience as streamlined as possible with Travlist – the smart personal travel assistant.
Paperless travel is a promise made by the IT and Travel Industries for some years now, yet somehow, you, the traveler, ends up with at least 3 apps instead of 3 pieces of paper. A boarding pass inside the Airline app, the hotel voucher inside the hotel booking app and the transfer or rent-a-car voucher inside a different app.
The reason for this is that the only entity who has all your travel details is the travel agency.

dcs plus is proud to introduce Travlist (the smart personal travel assistant) which should solve the previous mentioned issues as well as many others.

Being travelers ourselves we have often faced different issues with the logistic of traveling. In this respect, we have design Travlist to solve (as a very good travel assistant) all the minor things that could make your trip less pleasant:
-> Easy transfer of trip details to the app: either via email, by scanning a QR code or simply by pushing the trip details directly to your mobile phone;
-> Comprehensive list of trips inside the designated listing: view past and future trips with easy scrolling or calendar navigation;
-> Rename your trip: by default, the name of the trip is the destination of the trip plus the calendar month. This might be difficult to follow if you have many trips. In this respect, we have allowed the user to rename the trip in order to make it easier to understand from the first screen what the trip is all about;
-> Count down timer for the next service. Many times it happens that you know your flight is scheduled for boarding at 9:15 for example and your watch shows 8:35…and you begin to ask yourself: is my watch on the right time zone, how many minutes do I really have left, do I have enough time to reach the gate or make some last minute shopping? This is because, we, humans, think in duration and natively calculate how long do we have until. Let the app do the calculation for you considering the time zone changes;
-> Store all your travel documents in one place. Using Travlist you can easily take a picture of your boarding pass or voucher (or load it from the photo gallery) for easy access;
-> Contact the travel agency. In case you need additional information or help, or you would like to make changes to the trip it seems it is always hard to find the travel agency details (phone number in emails or printed papers, the phone number of an agent you used to work a long time ago, etc.). Using Travlist, the contact details (phone and email address) of the travel agency are one click away;
-> Trip rating. In case you want to send some feedback to the travel agency regarding your trip experience you can do it directly from the app.
-> Currency exchange converter. Being far away from home, you might want or need to make some shopping. In this case, you might find it difficult to calculate the price of various items in your currency so why not use the included Currency Exchange Rate converter.
-> Flight changes. Travlist will notify you about the following changes regarding your flight: cancelation or rerouting, gate change (departure and arrivals), boarding time changes, baggage claim place changes.
-> Activities at your destination. Especially if you travel for business you might end up in the evening without a plan. By using Travlist, your travel agency has the possibility to push a wide range of activities at your destination that could make your trip a memorable experience.

Travlist works in connection with information provided by travel agencies. Ask your travel agency if they have subscribed to the Travlist platform in order to make the itinerary details available to your app.

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