This is Sayduck


Sayduck gives you inspiration to discover products you love and helps create your dream home.
Find your favourite brands and discover new designers & products.
You can actually see the products in 3D in your home.
With photorealistic 3D models you can judge what the products look like before you buy.

The App at a Glance:

1) Get inspired by our hand-curated collections of beautiful interiors and product images or browse products by room, by category and by brands.
2) Find a piece of furniture you want to see in your home
3) See it in 3D and place it virtually anywhere in your home to make sure that the chair looks great in your living room or if that bed will fit in.
4) Easily share pictures to prove to your partner it looks great and you are right!

What they are saying:

“With Sayduck you can place furniture from a range of brands in your space.”
-The Telegraph

“So elegantly pithy.”
-The Sunday Times

“Visualize how a sofa or other piece of furniture will look in the living room.”

“No assembly required.”
-The Huffington Post

What our users say:

“I felt inspired, very, very, inspired. ”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“I was curious to look behind if there was a magician doing something.”

Category: Shopping

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