Passenger by 100grams – Travel Analytics

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Keep track of your trips with Passenger, share them with family and friends, collect travel analytics, unlock achievements, and more!

How it works:

1. Check-in to start your trip with Passenger.
2. Passenger checks-out automatically when you reach your destination.
3. Every trip counts. You collect travel miles and unlock achievements as you go.

Passenger tracks your location in the background between check-in and check-out. Your location is _not tracked_ otherwise. When checked-in, tracking will automatically pause when you stop moving in order to save battery power and resume when you start moving again.

Passenger can track your walking, bicycling, driving, public transport and flight trips.

Battery Use Disclaimer:

Passenger app uses GPS to track your location in the background while you are checked-in. We have made extensive tests with all iOS devices to ensure that battery consumption is minimal while Passenger is tracking your location in the background. However, keep in mind that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Category: Travel & Local

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