Substitutions. Food & Drink. iOS 8.

Now 1200+ substitutions. 200+ New. Search!

New: Color and Font Type. Dynamic.

Alcohol. Allergy. Baking. Cooking. Dairy. Gluten-Free.

Herbs. Spices. Low Carb. Low Fat. Low Sodium.

Migraine. Seafood. Meat. Utensil. Vegan.

iOS 8: New User Interface
Universal: Designed for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch
iCloud: Your Substitutions on All of Your Devices
Share: Mail, Message, Twitter, Facebook, Print, Copy
Optimized: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPhone 5S, iPad Mini with Retina — 64-bit

Twitter: @Gormaya

Category: Food & Drink

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