Look around! There are so many fascinating places and events, but it’s simply impossible to know them all.
In Starpin, users recommend these exciting and unique spots in your city or any other place on earth, helping you discover them. You can also show others your favorite places wherever you’re at. It’s simple – just take a picture or make a short movie and share it with other Starpin users. Let them discover your own city!
Pictures and videos are shown in Starpin immediately after they are taken, so when something happens or you discover a place worth recommending, everyone sees it right away. It’s a feed of exciting places and events happening right now and right in the location where you are.
• Browse photos and videos from your city or any location using the real-time feed and map
• See photo and video galleries of interesting places or events – each photo and video has a location
• Discover interesting places and events
• Find out how to get to the places you like
• Share with other people your favorite places and events
• Watch photos and videos posted by your friends and other Starpin users
• Add places to your favorites to remember them
• Comment on photos and videos

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