Shaka Weather Station & Wind Meter


Accurately measure wind speed, air temperature, air pressure and humidity anywhere with Shaka on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and make better choices along the way!

Ideal for wind sports like Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Snowkiting or Gliding, also useful for other wind related sports & hobbies like Golf, Hunting, Marksmanship etc.

Requires the Shaka Wind Meter or Shaka Weather Station device in order to take local measurements. The device is battery-free and plugs into the headphone jack.

To get started:
1. Get Shaka Wind Meter or Shaka Weather Station device (
2. Download the Shaka app and sign up.
3. Plug the Shaka Wind Meter or Shaka Weather Station device into the headphone jack.
4. Measure, make better decisions and enjoy!

Shaka Wind Meter features include:
– Current and average wind speed
– Maximum wind gust
– Units: mph, knots, km/h, m/s and dynamic Beaufort scale
– Air temperature (°F and °C)
– Determines wind direction and location of the measurement
– History of all your measurements
– Map view of measurements near you

Shaka Weather Station includes all features mentioned above, plus:
– Air Pressure (kPa, mmHg, inHg, mbar)
– Humidity (%)

Some things we’re working on:
– Social sharing of your measurements
– New exciting applications for different wind-related communities

ATTENTION: The Shaka Wind Meter or Shaka Weather Station device needs a certain level of output audio volume while connected to the headphone jack of your iPhone/iPad/iPod to get powered up. In case needed the application displays a warning asking you to adjust the volume level accordingly.

Category: Weather

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