A single subject cookbook by best-selling, award-winning author, Michael Ruhlman, on schmaltz, rendered chicken fat flavored with onion. Includes 20 fabulous recipes featuring this underused fat, both traditional Jewish preparations such as matzo ball soup, kishke, and kreplach dumplings, and contemporary recipes such as vichyssoise, chicken confit, and savory brioche. The Book of Schmaltz also includes, four-color photography, both finished dishes and process shots, by the photographer Donna Turner Ruhlman illustrating the dishes. Ruhlman also dishes on the history of schmaltz, how to make your own schmaltz and includes several recipes for different chicken stocks. Ruhlman is the author of twenty books, the cooking apps Ratio and Bread Baking Basics, and the author of the popular blog Translating the Chef’s Craft For All Kitchens.

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