With RunSocial, run through real-world videos of beautiful locations and see, inside your video, avatars of others doing the same in real time from around the world. And they can see you too. Experience RunSocial’s completely new “mixed reality” technology blending HD real-world video, 3D virtual world capability and social connectivity. The app can track your running speed and you can enjoy it either on your iPad screen or via a bigger screen if connected.


* A variety of different locations from around the world
* Free sample downloads of the routes
* Adaptive video playback that matches your running speed
* Adaptive ambient sound that can also run in background if you play your iPad Music
* Different ways to track speed: Besides manual control, our built-in StepSensor uses treadmill vibration to estimate your speed. For a very accurate source, RunSocial has a physical sensor (no fitting, works with any treadmill) and streams live data to your iPad.
* Different ways to see the video. Besides watching it on your iPad, you can also plug your iPad into a TV via an HDMI cable or AppleTV for full screen HD video.
* Log in directly or via your Facebook and share your runs.
* Track and store your data
* Integrated with the Apple Health app (options in Settings)
* Set up your own live running events and invite family, friends, or anyone around the world to join.

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