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Proof is the funnest way to challenge yourself and friends to do something amazing… ON CAMERA!

If you’re looking for a fun, simple and social way to tackle a goal, develop some good habits or dare a friend to do something extraordinary, Proof is ready to play. Get going with a catalog full of customizable 7-day challenges from renown experts, or quickly create your own. Challenge your friends, or go solo. Proof even has a custom “Prize” feature so you can raise the stakes, or add a bit more incentive to keep your friends and family in the game.

Prove yourself, with Proof!

Use Proof! to…
– Prove that you did something amazing
– Stick to something for a week
– Challenge a group of friends to do 50 push ups each day
– Motivate your family to help out around the house
– Add a little spice to your relationship
– Lose a pound or two
– Challenge your office to a fundraising smackdown!

– Create or join weekly challenges
– Capture photo or video Proof with your smartphone
– Offer rewards to friends and co-workers who reached their goal
– Play privately or with friends

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