Polaris – Slingshot 360 Augmented Reality App

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Working with The Integer Group, Bully! developed the Slingshot 360 app to give potential Polaris Industries customers a way to experience the unique 3-wheeled roadster before becoming available in dealerships.
By scanning a takeaway piece — customized business cards from one of the more than 400 Polaris dealerships across the country — a highly detailed, 3D model of the Slingshot appears in Augmented Reality. Users can then rotate the roadster 360 degrees and move in to get a close look at the interior and dash. By tapping on one of the 5 hotspots that float around the vehicle, customers can read about key features, view enlarged photos, and watch videos that highlight the roadster’s distinct experience. A snap-and-share social integration also gives users the opportunity to snap a photo of Slingshot and share it across social media networks.
Planned enhancements for the app include support for rug-sized markers used to spawn life-sized roadsters on the dealership floor and poster-sized giveaways, so consumers can see how the Slingshot looks in their driveway.
Available for both iOS and Android.

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