Planet Cube 23 – Rays

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Sunna Entertainment is proud to present “Planet Cube 23 – Rays”, a casual but challenging game based on the Planet Cube 23 series!

You are in a field filled with enemies trying to get rid of you. Luckily, you have the ability of teleportation! Move away from the lasers as long as you can to survive! How far can you make it? can you unlock all the trophies?!

The game is based on one simple mechanic not commonly seen on other mobile games . It makes the game both challenging and refreshing with a difficulty level perfect for short game sessions.

“Planet Cube 23 is Favorite apps. It’s challenging and really makes you want to try again because you know you can do better.
Love the game design as much as the game itself. This is a really cool game. !!! Highly Recommended” – IOSAPPSSPY


-Only one in app purchase to remove ads if you want to support us.
-Compare your High Score on the Leaderboards
-Unlockable Trophies

Update 1.1.0
-New trophies system implemented
-Pause transparency removed to avoid exploits
-Fixed a bug that would render the character invisible
-Fixed ranking in iOS
-Optional facebook ranking now available
-Number “8” and “0” can now be easily differentiable

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