Pitch Just Ride Along


Just Ride Along is much more than a motorcycle app. 
Is a service to accelerate the evolution of the motorcycle world.

A service to help enhance your riding experience, safety and build a strong community. Built with bold design and user experience focused on riders needs.


Setup your profile with information to facilitate fellow riders to be found and join the community.

Insert your bike or bikes with the exactly model, make, photo and milage to track the maintenance needed.

Plan and create your Ride. Invite friends or groups. Now you will be able to build and share most complete briefing for your rides.

Ride as a group. Create groups and invite fellow riders. You can setup as opened or closed group. Riding alone is good, but with friends is better.

Track your performance. Through a dashboard you can see your milage, your average speed and the elapsed time of your ride.

Create unlimited routes or find routes nearby – Easy user interface to build routes all around the world, integrated with Google Place API and iMaps API. Explore the best riders’ routes and share yours with the world. You even can live track a ride and make a route out of it.

Live tracking with built in GPS. Follow the riders that ride with you – Know were your fellow riders are on the map, while you are riding together.

Alert others about an incident on a push of a button. If anything happens, other riders can find and help you. Leaving nobody behind.

Update your social feeds with your riding activity. Share your rides via Facebook/Twitter.

Compare your mileage with others – Don’t be a garage rider, gain badges and paths to show your engagement and passion.

Challenge your friends – Be the best of the pack.

Free app with new features released regularly.

Some features require GPS signal availability, a data plan or WiFi coverage to work effectively. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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