om finder app promo

A promo video featuring lululemon’s new yoga finder app.

We make technical athletic gear for your sweaty pursuits (think yoga, running, cross training and beyond.) We designed the lululemon app so you can get your gear fast and conveniently.

Customize your profile and set the ways you like to sweat and we’ll match you with the right gear. Store your preferences and purchase information to make check-out a breeze, and access your account from anywhere. With iOS 8, lululemon users have the ability to simply and securely authenticate themselves with Touch ID to seamlessly sign into their lululemo accounts, and user fingerprint data is protected in the secure enclave and never accessed by iOS or other apps.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1998, the first lululemon store shared its retail space with a yoga studio. We’ve been growing ever since, and our technical yoga and run gear for men and women is available online, in stores and showrooms throughout countries all over the world.

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