The monbento® app is a meeting place for bento fans, lovers and pros as well as all nomadic food lovers.
Discover its intuitive interface:
• Clubento is a sharing and discussion area where Club members can post, consult and comment on recipes, photos and videos of nomadic dishes with other members.
• A community: Clubento members are Gourmets. The more you participate in Clubento, the more Pépites (loyalty points) you earn, which will help you rise up the echelons of Clubento nomadic cuisine. You start out as a humble Apprenti Gourmet , then you become a Second Gourmet. Finally, you could become a Chef Gourmet – the highest status! This gives you access to special offers (promotions, private sales, etc.)
• Recipes from renowned chefs
• The monbento® boutique, where with a click you can order all the monbento® products you’ve ever dreamed of, as well as track your order.
• News: say up to date on the latest news from monbento® and the world of nomadic goods, or follow the monbento® team’s latest discoveries!
• Sales points: geolocate the monbento® sales point nearest you

This application is available in both English and French.

Joint the large community of nomadic Gourmets today!

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