Mahabharat Warriors


Mahabharat Warriors Game – 18 days Epic Battle with Kaurava, you will lead as Pandava General, lead unique army and warriors. Build your strategy in battle and reach a glory.
– Dynamic Defense Tower
– Boss Mode
– Epic Battle with Unique Army
– Command 8 Pandava Unit:
1. Footman
2. Archer
3. Swordman
4. Gunner
5. Spearman
6. Mage
7. Tank
8. Elephantry

– Mahabharat (Mahabarata Game) Warriors with special Ability
– 9 Pandava Warrior:
1. Arjuna
2. Bheem
3. Srikandi
4. Gatotkach
5. Yudhistr
6. Nakul n Sadheva

– Win a Glory and beat all Stage

Category: Games

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