Locappy is a simple way to get to know the neighbourhoods you hang out in.
The app features live feeds of many London areas, populated by other locals you can follow and connect with.
The makers of this app also run some very unique events in London like ABQ (Breaking Bad inspired cocktail bar in a RV). Locappy users get first dibs on the events we throw. Trust us, they are pretty awesome.

Now let’s start the conversation which we have had a few times before 🙂

|**| Oh no! Not another London discovery app…

Ha! Don’t worry, Locappy is nothing like that.

|**| Yeah right! How is it different?

Well… in as many ways as possible. Let’s go through some of them.

Do we JUST give you a list of places, which we think are cool? No.
Do we put these places in some fancy CATEGORIES to show you we have done some work? No.
Is Locappy an app about ONLY finding venues and places around you? No.
If I open the app at home or at work, will I see the SAME places again and again because they are the closest to me? Hell no!

|**| What is Locappy then?

Locappy is an app where you can “meet your neighbourhood”
Our aim is to revive London’s local ecosystem by connecting you to your local area.

When you open Locappy for the first time, don’t expect to see a list of places which some intern at a start-up thinks are cool. It’s 2015 and mobile apps shouldn’t just show you a static list of places sorted by your location and put into some categories. Unfortunately, London has plenty of those boring apps and we have no intention to make another one!

|**| Huh? You mean every time I open the app I will see new stuff? Tell me more…

We have divided London into different neighbourhoods (currently 60 but adding more!) so you can follow the areas you hang out in. Locappy then generates a live feed of these areas, which is being populated by people just like you.

|**| So other people are already sharing what they find? How do I share my discoveries?

Yes they are, and to share your discoveries you just tap HOOT on the app…

|**| What the hell is a HOOT?

HOOT is our word for a post. It is simple: Just take a picture, write a post and share it! Your HOOT will be posted in the live feed of a London’s neighbourhood on the app and on your Facebook and Twitter timelines, if you connect them.

Just HOOT your discoveries and let the world know all the cool stuff you experience.

You can also see what others are hooting and share it with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

We named posts on Locappy as HOOTs after our mascot Annie, who is a Bengal Eagle Owl –> |**|

|**| Right, so what can I HOOT about?

Good question.

Found a unique street market?
Had an amazing meal?
Really enjoyed the cocktail at your new local bar?
Stumbled upon a new pop up?
Know of a new opening?
A gig coming up at your local club?
A just opened restaurant?
Perhaps you are organising an event yourself and want tell people living in a specific area about it?

|**| Ahh I see… Why shouldn’t I just post on Instagram?

Selfies = Instagram
Local experiences = Locappy 🙂

|**| Interesting… and why does the app ask me to turn bluetooth on?

Turning on bluetooth helps us to connect you to your local places. This means they can come up with special treatment just for you and offer better customer service. Please note that leaving bluetooth on all the time can also cause higher usage of the battery.

|**| Thanks, but I am not sure I need another app on my phone. I haven’t got much space left…

Well, look at it this way; now you wouldn’t have to take screen shots of someone else’s Instagram or Facebook posts about places you would like to visit and things you may like to do in London = more space!

|**| Haha. You are guys are funny!

Thank you! We have worked hard over the last year to make an app, which you will actually open and use. We really hope you will enjoy it.

NB: Continued use of GPS in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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