Light Table 2


*** What could be more fun than to sit down this weekend with your spouse and your children, all gathered around your iPad, laying out a new family photo album together. ***

Are you collageous?

“Dragging eight photos around at the same time is disturbingly fun!” – Mark Dalrymple, Borkware
“Just downloaded Light Table. Looks good and is very responsive. Great value!” – Ian S

Light Table 2 is a useful and very fun tool to use for photographers, designers, real-estate agents, and anyone else who needs to work with collages of images.

Import a bunch from your Photo Library, drag around and rotate them until they fit perfectly together. Then export out a high resolution copy and email it to your client.

* Brand new Gallery to store multiple light tables while you work on them
* Save high resolution image to your Photo Library for further editing
* Post your light table to Twitter directly from within the app
* Works in all orientations: up, down, east, west 🙂
* Add descriptive multi-line text labels (and choose from ten distinctive color schemes)
* Choose between a number of background colors and images (more to be added in future free updates)
* Add a title and notes to each of your light tables to keep your track of your work
* Shake to scatter images! Great for quickly adding in a pile of photos, then shake to spread them out (and have some fun in the process!)

(Performance note: Light Table 2 needs iOS 4.2 to run, and works best on iPhone 4 or iPad, or newer.)

Lingon i Korg Software Creations was founded in Sweden in 2008, with the goal to design and produce useful and easy to use apps for Apple’s mobile platforms.

Category: Entertainment

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