It’s not just a story; it’s not quite a movie,
it’s a STUVIE.

Discover planet Kazaz!, a world of interactive, animated stories that will challenge and engage your child’s curiosity in a fascinating new way. Imaginations will soar with each adventure to captivating islands and the fresh, original stories found there. The multi-sensory experience is designed for your child to enjoy the stories alone, or together with parents and friends. Discoverable learning gems are introduced after the first reading, so that a typical 7-minute story will become an hour or more of entertaining engagement centered on relevant topics. Ideal for children ages 3-8. The stories in Kazaz! combine sight, sound and touch so even the youngest child will learn with every turn of the page.

One of the secret sauces behind Kazaz! is supporting the development of children’s’ visual literacy. Planet Kazaz! is all about the fun in entertainment and learning, but we’re also serious about the benefits for children who develop visual thinking when they engage with a story.

As you’re looking at the beautiful illustrations and photos of learning gems in our Stuvies, ask your child these 3 questions:
1- What’s going on in this picture?
2- What do you see that tells you that?
3- What else can we find?

The planet Kazaz! is supporting early childhood development, visual literacy and social emotional learning to prepare kids for success on their way to the next level.


These days, planet Kazaz! has been on the move, spinning his way into the hearts and storylines of Journalist and Mom Bloggers across the globe. For most of these moms, the learning aspect of Kazaz! has taken center stage.

Take Cristine Struble, Naperville Childrens Toy Examiner of Examiner.com, for example. She wrote: “For any family who wants to get the kids away from the mindless games, Kazaz! is a great addition to the app library. The interactive features and engaging characters make kids want to play an educationally based app. Parents will appreciate the intelligent design and hidden features, as well. This app would make a diversion for travel, extended wait times and a supplement to school reading requirements. Give the kids a love of reading and a desire to learn. Download the Kazaz! app today.”

Lille Punkin’ also focused on the reading and engagement benefits. In her post, Kazaz! Brings Stories to Life, blogger Linsey gets right to the point: “I want my kids to read more. And I’ll do just about anything to have that happen, even if it means embracing more screen time to get them excited about literature, books, and the written word! Our ‘reading’ arsenal is full of apps and activities to give them a fun and engaging way to be exposed to more books, and this includes using iPad apps. The latest we tried, Kazaz!, was another brilliant example of how technology can reinforce traditional phonics and language learning skills.”

Then, in a post titled, Kazaz! for iPad App Review, blogger Lindsey mentions that, like many kids, her five-and six-year-old children are actively involved with various apps on the iPad, which can become expensive. With her son’s interest in apps continuing to grow, she was quick to comment, “But once in a while there is a free, quality app like KAZAZ! that he can get without me having to pay for it. AND it’s educational so everybody wins!” Check out Lindsey’s blog to learn more about how her daughter loves the illustrations in Kazaz!, while her son connects with the pop-up learning gems and the app’s gaming aspect.

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