ICBC Mobile Banking

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ICBC Mobile Banking provides comprehensive range of financial and securities services with user-friendly interface, you are able to manage your account via mobile handsets anytime, anywhere in a convenient and safe way.
This client is suitable for customers of ICBC(Macau)、ICBC(Asia)、ICBC Tokyo Branch、ICBC Hanoi Branch、ICBC(Europ) Madrid Branch、ICBC(Canada)、ICBC(London)、ICBC Singapore Branch、ICBC(Thailand)、ICBC(Europ) Brussels Branch、ICBC(Europ) Amsterdam Branch、ICBC Frankfurt Branch、ICBC(Europ) Paris Branch、ICBC(Europ) Milan Branch、ICBC(Alma-Ata)、ICBC(New Zealand)、ICBC(Malaysia)、ICBC Vientiane Branch、ICBC Phnom Penh Branch.
1. ICBC Mobile Banking Application offers you a comprehensive range of banking and securities services with user-friendly interface, exact services depending on the ICBC services available in your region.
2. ICBC Mobile banking provides multi-language and multi-touch user interface.

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