I Need Spain


Get to know Spain through the experiences of those who visit.

Feel Spain, live your own experience and share it.

I Need Spain is an application developed exclusively for iPad that allows users to tour Spain interactively. All content, whether images, text or audio, has been created and shared by users directly on the different social network sites set up by Turespaña, a State Administration body that is responsible for promoting Spain as a tourist destination abroad.

I Need Spain is aimed at all those who are thinking of travelling to Spain. It offers a personal, authentic view, since this is material shared freely by those who have visited before.

I Need Spain is also for those who know our country, but want to visit again from a different point of view, or discover new places and aspects.

I Need Spain offers 3,000 images, 500 comments and 100 different sounds, shared by users.

I Need Spain allows users to select their own experience by filtering content through simple, intuitive touch controls.

Search for a destination among 18 areas
Choose the natural element you feel closest to: water, earth, air or fire
Select the subjects that interest you: art and culture; sports and nature; lifestyle; food and drink; or sun and beaches
Live your own, completely iPad, experience of Spain and pause it, change it or share it when you want.

I Need Spain means that once you have had your own experience, you can share it with other users on your usual social network sites.



I Need Spain has material granted freely by its creators under the Creative Commons 3.0 licence. This means you can use it and share it, but always with the condition of recognising the author as he or she appears in the credits.

The photos have been labelled by the users and this is not the responsibility of Turespaña.

Category: Travel & Local

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