Hit Me If You Can – An all-new social action game…


“An Amazing Real world Paintball Duel”

Your phone is your weapon. The world is your playfield. Let battle commence!
Hit Me If You Can is a fantastic new social action/strategy game where you and a friend try to hit each other with flying paint-filled rockets. You and your opponent can be anywhere in the world – just down the street, or on different continents.

Take it in turns to aim a paintrocket, gauge the trajectory – and launch. Score a direct hit and splatter your opponent with paint to win!

Challenge Facebook friends to loads of fun contests, and boost your chances of victory with in-game power-ups. The more you win, the more you earn medals, increase your rank, and climb the global leaderboard.

And if your friends aren’t online, you can play solo by aiming paintrockets at famous global landmarks, or set up a random match with an opponent anywhere in the world.
Conquer the skies and splatter your friends in Hit Me If You Can!

Hit Me If You Can features:
* Classic “artillery” gameplay updated for the iPhone
* Real people, real locations – the whole world is the playfield!
* Simple, intuitive gameplay that anyone can pick up – move your phone to aim, then pull back and release to launch your paintrocket
* Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends, or choose a random match-up with an opponent anywhere in the world
* Use power-ups to get more powerful paint blasts, a one-hit shield or a helping hand with targeting

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