Flying – an iPhone app for all your air travel


Flying is an iPhone app for all your air travel. It is useful, insightful and social.

We’re currently in public beta. You can download the app here:

# useful
You can keep track of all your flights with up-to-date information and make sure you never miss a flight again.

You can also purchase Updates for your flights and get alerts for gate changes, delays and cancellations.

# insightful
Revisit past flights and view insights about your travel patterns with beautiful visualizations.

How amazing is it to get stamps in your passport when you travel? Whether you have crossed the equator or taken your 100th flight, you will receive stamps in Flying! Check out the video showing how we made them:

# social
With the Stream you can follow your friends’ flights and if you find yourselves in the same city why not meet up? The Leaderboard allows you to compete to see who of your friends has flown the most.

You can share your flight details to anyone on Facebook, Twitter, email or anywhere using the web view.

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