Fitt – The first personal recommendation app


Fitt is a discovery app for fashion lovers. The best way to share your outfit of the day with people you cross paths with, spot the latest fashion trends and share them with friends and people around you.
• Like that girl’s dress? Don’t worry, she’s on Fitt. •

Fitt allows you to stay connected with your friends to discover and share the newest, coolest fashion trends :

Add your favorite clothes, jewelry and accessories to your closet to automatically share them with the people you cross paths with!
Now, you’ll be able to share your fashion pieces with the community, get feedback from real people, and discover where that girl bought her lovely bag without having to ask her.

“My friend would love that jacket!”
How often do you think about your friends and loved ones while shopping?
Fitt is the best and easiest way to share your discoveries with them. Just take a picture, select the store name, and fitt it!
Your friends will see it in their newsfeed and can comment, approve and share it.

The Discovery Board will allow you to see all the products fitted by the community around you. An infinite collage of great products, perfect to find new shops and fashions in your area.

Hesitating about buying a gift for a friend or indecisive about getting a new purse?
With Fitt you can easily ask for advice from friends.


Main Features :
– Sign in with Facebook or Twitter to instantly connect with friends
– News feed: View your friends posts and give feedback
– Get likes on your #OOTD from people around you and users you have crossed in the street
– Discovery Board: Discover what the world is wearing and get inspiration
– Selfitt: Share what you have just spotted with your friends and the community
– Fittbox: Get advice about a birthday present
– An extension for Web browsers also allows you to share and recommend products you find online

Category: Shopping

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