Countdown+ Event Reminders Lite (Calendar and Event Countdowns with Timer presets)

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Countdown to your events, birthdays, and holidays with the top ranked countdown calendar, facebook events and timer app on iTunes.

Featuring unlimited Countdowns and reminders for all your events. With Countdown+ Reminders, you can count down to your birthday, wedding, spring break, graduation, cruise, trips, retirement, concerts, any memorable events in your Calendar and Facebook. Also countdown to holidays such as Christmas, Easter, New Years, Valentines, you name it.

Tell the time to or from any event in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. Want more notifications closer to an event? With the smart reminder feature, you configure your countdown event and get notifications more frequently as the event approaches. Never forget an event again!

Countdown+ Reminders also integrates seamlessly with your Calendar and Facebook. With a monthly display of events and birthdays, you can pick your most important Calendar events to track and add to your Countdowns with a single click. Countdown+ Reminders also pulls Facebook birthdays and events making it a great Birthday Calendar. Want to be reminded of family and friends birthdays? Add birthdays from the Facebook view to your countdowns with a single click. Each calendar entry is also a countdown clock so you see the exact time left to each event.

Countdown+ Reminders doesn’t stop there. A timer is included that lets you label and save timer presets. This is great as a game timer for board games, kitchen timer, sports timer, countdown clock during homework or exams, you name it. The timer runs in the background so you are free to use other apps and still get a reminder when the timer expires. Reusing a saved timer is a click away making it easy to repeat timed events all through the day.

You can also share your event countdowns by text message, email, Facebook, and Twitter with a snapshot of the countdown background and a link that allows family and friends to join in your countdown.

Its not all about features either. Countdown+ Event reminders does this all with style. With a colorful fun interface, Countdown+ Reminders lets you use your own photos or custom backgrounds. Configure your font, color, and position of your countdown and select from several alarm and sound options to further customize your countdown experience.
With many settings and custom options to choose from, you have to try to experience it all. Try it today for free!

– Track an unlimited number of events and reminders
– Receive notifications more frequently as the event approaches
– Use photos from your album, take a photo with your camera, your Facebook photo albums or use one of the custom backgrounds included
– Ever wonder how old you really are to the second? Count up from your actual date of birth
– Integrates with your Calendar. See time remaining to events in your Calendar in a monthly view.
– Integrates with your Facebook events and friends birthdays. Monthly display of birthday and events with one click quick add to your Countdowns list.
– Backup and sync to iCloud
– Event sticky notes
– Auto imports your friend’s profile picture or the event image to your countdown background
– Includes a timer with custom labels and presets you define to track your everyday events
– Select time units to count in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds
– Multiple widgets and custom displays to further customize your Countdown
– Customize the countdown font, color and position
– Multiple alarm and alert sounds to choose from
– Share screenshots of countdown events with Friends!
– Days to next upcoming countdown event on the application icon
– Facebook community of users sharing in their experience with Countdown+ Reminders application

Category: Personalization

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