Colorific – drawing and coloring book


“Colorific is one of the best coloring apps on the market.” by

Colorific is a fantastic, smart and fun coloring and drawing app for kids! It has brand new stunning design, a great deal of awesome tools, lots (60) of templates to color and a blank page to draw on, so your kids can be creative and artistic without damaging your home wallpaper! The app provides an easy-to-use environment helping your kid to develop and improve drawing skills, boost creative thinking and have fun!

We worked really hard on our latest app update to bring drawing and coloring experience to the whole new level. We’re very much confident that you’ll find our new UI to be very intuitive, kids-friendly and so easy-to-use that even small children will love using it!

● Kids-friendly cool interface
● 55+ coloring pages to color
● Blank page for drawing
● Draw anything using pencils or markers
● Paint buckets for easier coloring (fill tool)
● Really enjoyable music
● Share drawings via email, Facebook, Twitter or save them to your iPad’s “Photos”.
● Undo and redo buttons help unwind unwanted changes
● Print your kid’s masterpiece right from the app!*

● Transport (our newest additions include sports car, helicopter, motorbike, spaceship and even submarine!)
● Animals (panda, parrot, giraffe, elephant and many-many more!)
● Dinos (that’s right, different kinds of dinos!)
● People (football player, policeman, scientist etc.)
● Numbers (1-9) and fruit (water melon, cherry, grape etc.)

Pick any of the templates for your kids to color or empty page to draw on and let the art magic begin!

Category: Education

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