Atmospheir Contacts – Address Book and Messenger


Atmospheir is a social address book that completely removes the pain of recording, sharing, and updating contact information. Create a personalized ID, and share it with others to connect, and exchange as much contact and social network information as you want. Enjoy free text, voice, video, photo, location and GIF messaging with every connection.

– The only app that lets you control who sees what: Every time you make a connection, Atmospheir allows you to choose the information your sharing with that person. You can give your best friend and boss completely different ways to reach you – it’s completely your choice!

– A sync so seamless you won’t even know it’s happening: Sync the app with your phone’s address book to instantly create a beautiful card for every contact already in your phone, and manage their information directly from the app. Any time you manually create, or edit a contact in Atmospheir, their information instantly updates in your phone’s address book.

– All the information you need, in seconds: When you connect with someone in the app you’ll get their card where you can access all the information they’re sharing with you, and vice-versa. Change or update the information in your card at any time and the information always stays perfectly up-to-date for the other person. If you get a new phone number, move to a new address, or just want to let your contacts know that you’ve joined a new social network, simply update the information in your card, and it’s updated for everyone in your network. We’ll send your contacts (with the appropriate sharing level) a notification letting them know about your updated info.

– Easier communication = a more valuable contact: Atmospheir helps you communicate with contacts faster by providing free text, voice, photo, GIF, video, and location messaging right inside the app, and the app’s custom sorting and tagging capability enables you to quickly find exactly who you’re looking for at all times.

– Expand your network with introductions: Build your network through your Atmospheir connections by requesting introductions, or making introductions yourself!

Contact management just joined the 21st Century!


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