Сalorie counter Greet Food


Greet Food will become your personal calorie counter, and indispensable assistant for anyone, who wants to follow a particular diet. The subject of caloricity and energy value of foods is the key one if you wish to lose weight or gain additional weight. In addition to caloricity, content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (PFC) is equally important indicator, which should be considered in a mandatory manner. Long tables of products caloricity can be successfully replaced by electronic calories counter with PFC: Greet Food for smartphones that have Android operating system. The application has an intuitive interface and the one is easily mastered in just a few minutes.
Depending on gender, age, mode of life and physical activity, the daily consumption rate of products on strictly individual basis, taking into account PFC is determined. In addition to built-in tables in Greet Food the ability to add your products is foreseen that also allows you to make your personal menu. The universal calories counter: Greet Food enables to determine the exact quantity of energy that is released in body in the process of having of certain meals. When using the program, the errors in calories counting are excluded, as it often is with manual counting.
The new version of Greet Food 1.4 has the following features:
1. Adding your own food.
2. Preparation of your own menu, then you can easily add a set of products by simply menu name entry.
3. Now all products display PFC.
4. The statistical graph that displays PFC and calories is updated.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, contact me through E-mail: olegbonds@gmail.com or site in Internet: www.saywhat.in.ua

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